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Great Nanny Testimonials

Don't take our word for it.

Here's what our clients have to say about Home Helpers and its president Judy Richards. We have many happy clients that have repeatedly come back to Home Helpers with great nanny testimonials.

I began working with Judy and Home Helpers in 1978. Since that time, they have found wonderful people for us.

Judy watched our family grow, and introduced us to smart, honest, happy people who all became important parts of our lives.

From Mother's Helpers to Housekeepers an dour final superb couple, who have been with us for 15 years, Judy has never disappointed.

Paddy Ann Burns
September, 2005

Judy Richards of Home Helpers has been like a fairy godmother to my family. She has hand selected excellent and well suited help for me and my family for 17 years.

She has also placed an excellent caregiver into my Mother's home who has now been with her for 19 years. By providing excellent nannies and housekeepers, she has made it possible for me to travel and pursue my career worry free while raising a family as a single mother.

Whatever my request, she has filled the bill, which is quite an accomplishment as the children and my needs have changed over the years. She has a knack for selecting and recommending honest, intelligent hardworking and loyal employees who have all stayed with me for at least 3 years..

She is also a kind, understanding and hardworking person who always responds quickly when called upon. That along with her business acumen is why I have been so fortunate to have been recommended to her.

Fern Simspon-Reich
September, 2005